6/12V Smart Charger and Battery Maintainer - 10A

6/12V Smart Charger and Battery Maintainer - 10A

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6/12V Smart Charger and Battery Maintainer - 10A (53491)

This portable 10A smart charger does more than just charge 6V and 12V vehicle batteries. It has the ability to activate, analyse and recondition the battery in 10-steps, making it ideal for deep discharged batteries. The charger can be connected to a Lead-Acid or Lithium battery for a long duration without the risk of overcharging. It can also be used in winter temperatures as low as -20°C. It is easy to use and a cost-effective solution to keep batteries in good condition all year round.

  • 10-step automatic smart charger that analyses and reconditions deep discharged batteries
  • Charges and maintains 6V* and 12V Lead-Acid batteries and 12V Lithium batteries at 100% for a long duration
  • Winter charging mode protects batteries in freezing temperatures
  • 12V DC power supply enables battery removal without losing car settings
  • Compatible with 6V* and 12V vehicles including cars, motorcycles and vans
  • Charges EFB batteries when in 12V STD mode
  • *Standard wet/lead acid batteries only

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